14 avril 2023

News flashes from your board of directors


During the October 2022 Annual General Assembly, we shared with you the priorities set as part of our 2022-2024 strategic planning process:

  • Assert our tendering tool as a source of contracts for our certified coach members
  • Foster diversity and inclusion
  • Deepen the understanding of our ecosystem and develop partnerships
  • Develop the membership experience – onboarding and certification

Our committees are hard at work on their various projects.

I wanted to share a few recent initiatives that have been introduced or will be in coming months:

  • The Convention will be back, in person, on September 13-14. Stay tuned and join us once again for a great way to connect and recharge together.
  • The Ethics and Conduct section of the website has grown even richer in content, and our workshops on ethical thinking are really well received.
  • The tendering tool keeps evolving based on satisfaction survey responses from coaches and clients.
  • The partnership committee is focusing on developing closer ties with partner schools.
  • International presence and involvement: Synergie, American Northeast chapters, chapter leader quarterly meetings, global membership committee, etc.
  • A more structured and cohesive presence in the media (print, social, and online) thanks to professional support.
  • High-energy, well-attended English Breakfasts.
  • A membership-experience strategy that is bearing fruit: onboarding activities that our new members appreciate, information during the certification exam process.

You can read about it in greater detail in the next issue of Coach Québec.

 Diversity, Equity and  Inclusion committee set up

We are happy to announce that a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  committee has been set up at ICF Québec.

ICF and its community of coaches hold professionalism, collaboration, humanity, and equity as core values[1]. The creation of this new committee is a tangible commitment of the ICF Québec Board of Directors to fostering more inclusive coaching. It is part of a worldwide movement toward sustainable development, which includes building a better, fairer and more prosperous world for all.[2]

The new committee will begin by defining its mission and vision for the Québec chapter, in line with current ICF Global directions.

Speaking of which, did you know that ICF's DIversity Focus has identified four meaningful areas?[3]

  1. Expand global representation for underrepresented communities to ensure inclusion and belonging throughout our ecosystem.
  2. Invest in education to increase diversity intelligence and provide professional development opportunities for leaders, volunteers, staff, ICF members, and other stakeholders.
  3. Create an accessible environment for all stakeholders with any disability.
  4. Establish policies that reinforce equity throughout the coaching profession and ICF community.

I want to thank Julie Gouin PCC and Marthe Rocheteau PCC for stepping up enthusiastically to co-lead this new committee.

And now, it’s up to you to answer their call if you wish to contribute to the committee. An article in an upcoming Coach Québec will provide further details.

Time to celebrate: ICF Global reiterates its recognition with a 2022 PERFORMANCE AWARD

On March 6, the members of the board of directors received an email stating

“Your chapter is among the 9 chapters selected for the 2022 performance awards by a panel of seasoned judges. Your chapter has demonstrated the qualities of a top-performing chapter in 2022:

  • Providing a presence and a credible voice for professional coaching in the community
  • Advancing the coaching profession
  • Ensuring solid operational infrastructures (through membership engagement and involvement)
  • Creating an efficient governance
  • Ensuring profitability and financial health”

We feel very proud and encouraged to continue our mission for our members and in our ecosystem.

ICF Québec continues to set itself apart through the strength of its community.

On May 3, several members of the board of directors will attend the official award ceremony. We will capture moments from the virtual event and share them with you.

List of finalists

List of winners

ICF Colombia

ICF France

ICF Central Florida

ICF New England

ICF Raleigh Area Charter Chapter

ICF South Florida

ICF Switzerland

ICF Turkey

ICF Lebanon

ICF México

ICF North Texas

ICF Toronto

ICF Brazil

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ICF Québec

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ICF Germany

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ICF Romania

ICF Australasia

ICF Bangkok

Please join us if you want to continue to advance our community and our profession in its ecosystem. Our committees and regional communities would be delighted to have you. Over 50 volunteer members working in our various committees have contributed to this distinction.

We firmly believe that our commitment to the ongoing promotion of certified coaching helps build awareness of our profession and shine a spotlight our members.

We thank you for your trust.

[1] https://coachingfederation.org/about/our-values

[2] https://sdgs.un.org/goals

[3] lhttps://coachingfederation.org/diversity-and-inclusion