13 avril 2020

Everything Will Be Alright Coaching

Solidarity being the key word these days, ICF Quebec has launched a support initiative to help people get through these particularly difficult times. Get an express free coaching session with a certified coach that will guide you through your Covid-19 crisis.

 What is free and express Everything Will Be Alright Coaching?

  • A speed coaching session that focuses on the
  • current situation.
  • An approach destined to help you review your
  • vision and adapt to the unpredictable reality.
  • A support system and guidance.
  • A source of positivity.

 The Benefits of Everything Will Be Alright Coaching Are:

  • Establish new objectives.
  • Develop a plan to react quickly.
  • Manage change.
  • Identify opportunities.
  • Understand the situation and take action.

A Partner Organization That Contributes to Your Success : Why Choose a Certified Coach ?

  • Working with a coach that is certified ICF and that is also a member of ICF Quebec is simply a way to ensure that you are guided by a professional that has rigourous training and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Also, it allows you to have access to the services of more than 400 coaches with various skill sets and expertise, all of which abide by the code of ethics of their profession.

Receiving proposals to hire a coach, an intelligent choice. Use this tool to receive proposals from various coaches based on needs, profile as well as objectives.

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