9 octobre 20182018 Conference, to highest level

Lately, not a week goes by without you seeing or hearing terms such as the VUCA world, in motion, transformation, adaptation, artificial intelligence, people’s place in business, leadership, and finding meaning at work and in life.

With good reason: our future appears uncertain, quick-changing, fluid, and chaotic. Many tools and services are regularly put forth, and rightly so, to help you consider the meaning you give your life, your work, and your business.

In particular, executives are called upon to look into the future and prepare so that they can react quickly while keeping clear direction and meaning. Everyone is talking about the notion of leadership, because every transformation relies in part on the ability of these executives, managers, and employees to manage such changes efficiently while maintaining team performance and engagement.

Several studies have been conducted to try to determine what characteristics and skills leaders should now possess. In a study entitled Leadership styles and job satisfaction, the authors present various styles of leadership (the authoritative boss and the coach) and identified those which made the greatest impact among their teams. Guess who wins Best leader? The coach, of course.

This type of coach-leader strikes the right balance among various key competencies: listening more than you talk, helping to formulate a vision, building trust, setting clear, attainable objectives, and so on.

When you look at these skills, it is hard not to see the relation with the 11 key competencies of ICF-certified coaches. What if our community could play a role in supporting and training these leaders? What if, through a strong coaching posture, we could inspire them to give their best so that they can develop a strong posture within their businesses and successfully transition into the future?

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, leaders must also become coaches – able to listen and be open (with those around them, stakeholders, etc.) while remaining solid and consistent in their decisions.

ICF professional coaches embody the new skills that the leaders of tomorrow need; as such, they must demonstrate diligence and excellence in inspiring and supporting leaders.

That’s why we, as certified coaches, must make sure to maintain and strengthen our coaching posture, to always strive for greater diligence and excellence.

By anchoring ourselves solidly in our posture, which enables us to be aware and open, to listen, to ask the right questions, and to bring forth the future while planning, helping others create a shared vision, and strengthening accountability, we ensure high coaching quality standards are met. We make sure we can provide high-level support to our clients, to enable them to integrate professional coaching into their practices.

The 2018 Conference will be a space for us to take coaching to the highest level, together. We believe that by embodying the 11 key competencies, we will have everything we need to foresee and stay at the forefront of new trends so that our clients can

  • Prepare and adapt to a changing world.
  • Become and remain top players in their respective fields.
  • Assume an even stronger posture as coach-leaders.

The Conference will be a living lab where you can

  • Explore your competencies in even greater depth and strengthen your posture through experiential workshops to help renew and enrich your toolkit.
  • Better understand trends to prepare and adapt.
  • Experiment and connect to co-create our future together.
  • Build lasting bonds with other coaches to create a solid, active, supportive, and united community.

Ready to take the next step? Don’t miss this opportunity for us to come together and create a solid, united community known for its ability to inspire and support the coach-leaders of tomorrow.

We hope you’ll join us on October 25-26!

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