28 mai 2015

An outstanding success

An outstanding success

As a result of the Rogers-Fido-ICF partnership which took place last week as part of the International Coaching Week, Rogers-Fido were pleased with the outcome and shared the following with us: (text in italics is provided by Rogers-Fido.  Everything else is from the author)

“Every year, the International Coach Federation celebrates the coaching profession, educates the public about the value of professional coaching and acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process.  As part of International Coaching Week 2015, 48 ICF coaches from local chapters of the International Coach Federation, coached 192 frontline managers at Rogers and Fido call centers nationally, and over 250 managers have benefited from attending panel discussions led by ICF coaches.   Those frontline managers will in turn apply the coaching skills they learn when they coach their teams, totaling over 3500 people”.  

Participants who benefited from one-on-one coaching were also thrilled with the experience as their comments below reveal:

  • “one of the better investments of time I have had in my development”
  • “I would draw the sports parallel of a young hockey player getting the chance to have Wayne Gretzky give him some one on one time to work on the hockey skills.”
  • “(this gave us the opportunity to) experience the coaching we hope to do each day”

Their managers also shared some of their findings following the coaching sessions:

  • The energy is amazing
  • Everyone really cares about their teams, each other and the customer
  • I was amazed and pleased to hear how much people care about the customers, and working with their teams to make it better for customers. 
  • Outstanding commitment, determination, passion, for coaching and wanting to see their team members grow

This entire exercise brought nothing but satisfaction and joy to all participants, coachs included.  We hope you were able to partake into some of the many events which took place the week of May 18-24.  If not, we strongly suggest you do next time around.