17 février 2022

Highlights of the English Activities Committeepar David Carey, ACC

This article is being written to highlight the activities and plans of the English Activities Committee. Over the course of the last 8 years or so the English Activities committee has been a major resource for coaches seeking the continuing education credits necessary for accreditation with ICF international. As the committee has faithfully offered monthly activities since it began, this means over the years that the EAC has provided close to 2000 CCE’s to Québec coaches. This represents a significant contribution to

the coaching profession in Québec.

Since the pandemic and the need to adopt a virtual format, the EAC has been able to expand its service area beyond the borders of Montreal and this has meant that we are able to serve more coaches over a much broader area. As we anticipate things returning to normal and the possibility of being able to meet in person again in the future, the EAC is currently considering how we can adopt a hybrid model, so that we can provide greater connection pportunities for Montreal coaches but continue to serve coaches across the province.

Although the trainings are offered in English, over the years the EAC has served a very diverse group and English is often the second language of those who participate. This trend is something that members of the EAC value and it is our desire and intention to encourage this diversity as we look to the future.

In 2022 the EAC plans to continue to develop a strategic plan that will ensure its continuity and success in the years to come.

David Carey, ACC