Follow the Rainbow
21 février 2013

Follow the Rainbowpar Gisèle Aubin, PCC

Looking at passion and how it materializes in our coachees’ life, there is a new trend saying that passion is not something you follow.  Instead, it follows you.

Really? What are we to think of that?

As a child I was taught to learn to love what I do, and not only to seek to do that which I love. It did not feel right at the time, and certainly did not sound like much fun. But true to the child that I was, I did as I was told, and honestly, it served me well.

When came time to teach my own children, I changed the approach. I taught them to follow their rainbow, and they are.  To tell you the truth though, there is no telling where that rainbow is taking them. Not an easy path either.

Now that I have seen both sides of the story I know that not everyone is born with an identified passion. Few actually are. For many it requires a bit of work. More often than not, it is a discovery, one that will likely rise from uncovering what you are really good at and that which brings you the most satisfaction.  Daniel Pink, the bestselling author of “Selling is Human” says passion is “what you do” even if you are pressed for time and not getting paid for it. Looking for passion only where the rainbow is, may not always lead you to the right place. Too many of us are waiting for it to hit them over the head though. It is no knight in shining armor.

It implies an action first. Then a passion. Not necessarily the other way around.

So it is OK to experiment and to spend some time in a place that may not be all that exciting. No need to panic.

Many people I work with in coaching are stuck in a place they don’t like. They want out but they don’t know where to go. Those who trust themselves to move forward and take a first step have a tendency to eventually land in a happy place. Others who prefer to wait for the solution to present itself tend to remain where they don’t want to be for a long time.

You can’t wait for passion to come to you the way you wait for the bus. It is up to you to move towards it and be prepared.  Also, take note, it is often where you least expect it.

This is why being curious, being open, taking risks and trying things on for size are so important. You ought to give it a try. If you are afraid to do so, ask someone – a coach, a mentor - to guide you through the process. You will never look back.

How you lead yourself, and others, matters.

Gisèle Aubin, PCC ACC, CRHA