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Driven by a deep belief in the power of growth and resilience, I am dedicated to helping you achieve not only professional success, but personal fulfillment. When we show up at our best, the people around us benefit greatly. The impact we have as leaders has tremendous influence on the lives of those around us, so we can't afford to not make ourselves a priority. I hope to have the chance to work with you. Fear is temporary. Regret is forever.

Leadership Wellness Coach with 16 years in corporate management and ownership. Passionate about enhancing leadership capabilities and promoting well-being. Founder of Bold Moves Consulting, empowering leaders through tailored coaching programs

Trois mots qui me décrivent comme coach

  • Integrity
  • Authentic
  • Excellence


Coaching de gestion / Développement du leadership, Coaching exécutif, Coaching d'affaires, Coaching de carrière, Coaching personnel/de vie, Coaching d'équipe, Coaching de groupe

Ma vision

At Bold Moves Consulting, we envision a future where every leader is empowered to thrive both professionally and personally. Our mission is to transform corporate cultures by integrating wellness into leadership, fostering resilient, innovative, and balanced leaders. Through our tailored coaching programs rooted in positive psychology, we aim to inspire leaders to make bold, positive changes, creating workplaces that are not only productive but also supportive and enriching for everyone.

Mes intérêts

As a husband and father to two young daughters, my interests and priorities revolve around family and business. Being an entrepreneur and demonstrating to my daughters that one can design and create their life while serving others is a source of immense pride for me. I enjoy making others laugh and feel comfortable, achieving sustainable change through coaching. My passion for continual learning and positive psychology drives me, finding joy in serving as a leader and helping others succeed.

Mon parcours

As a coach and entrepreneur, I've transitioned from 16 years in corporate management to founding Bold Moves Consulting. Certified in applied neuroscience and passionate about positive psychology, my journey is driven by a growth mindset and passion for enhancing leadership through wellness coaching, empowering leaders to achieve balance, resilience, and sustainable success. I'm committed to fostering positive change and creating thriving, resilient workplaces.

Secteur d'activités

Construction, Gestion de sociétés et d’entreprises