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Danielle Silverman
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Your vision. Your life. Votre vie.... passionnément !

I work with professionals who want to reinvent their career. YOUR VISION. YOUR LIFE. Votre vie, passionnément!

Trois mots qui me décrivent comme coach

  • Courage
  • Inspiration
  • Optimism


Coaching de gestion / Développement du leadership, Coaching exécutif, Coaching d'affaires, Coaching de carrière, Coaching d'intégration, Coaching personnel/de vie, Tests psychométriques et évaluation 360

Ma vision

I spent too many years trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. My mission now is to help people who feel they are stuck in a dead-end job, discover who they really are in an effort to do what they were meant to do and be who they were meant to be. I have great success with people in all walks of life, from professionals in middle management, young people just starting their careers, and seasoned executives who want a change. Most people are afraid of changing beca

Mes intérêts

I am passionate about speaking in public and inspiring others to do what they love.

Mon parcours

I spent many years working in marketing and communications and then went back to school for an MBA, only to continue working in the same field. A major life event made me realize that this was not the path for me. I chose to become a Career Coach because there is no harder product to market than oneself, and worked in Career Transition for many years. In the process I also studied and worked in organizational development, obtaining an M.A. in Human Systems Organization. My real passion howev

Secteur d'activités

Administrations publiques, Finance et assurances, , , Autres services (sauf les administrations publiques), Commerce de détail, Fabrication, Gestion de sociétés et d’entreprises, , Industrie de l’information et industrie culturelle, Services administratifs, de soutien, de gestion des déchets et d’assainissement, Services d’enseignement, , Services professionnels, scientifiques et techniques, Services publics, Soins de santé et assistance sociale