21 avril 2022

What has your board of directors been working on?par Johanne Landry, PCC

At our annual general assembly on October 21, 2021, we proudly presented what we have achieved since the start of our strategic planning efforts in 2018-2019, which were strongly focused on our members, both certified professional coaches and those on the path to certification. We announced the main initiatives we would be pursuing in 2022.

We were touched by the gratitude expressed by the members on hand. You have no idea how inspiring your words are and how they drive us to continue to develop ICF Québec for its membership.

I first approached this article planning to list what we’ve DONE and what we still have to DO, but something happened to influence its intent and messaging.

Since November, the board of directors has taken the time to welcome and onboard our newest members at the table, Danielle Desbiens and Corine Markey, and we have agreed to secure the tools we need to keep an efficient, comprehensive view of our projects and track them properly.

In January, we updated and set priorities for current and upcoming projects in 2022, based on the three pillars that support our mission: COMMUNITY, DEVELOPMENT, and REACH. 

  • Our widescreen, Technicolor virtual Convention is coming up soon: you still have time to sign up!
  • The Ethics and Conduct section of our website has been expanded, with regularly scheduled ethics workshops. There’s a waiting list, so sign up early.
  • A revamped request for proposals and client appreciation survey
  • Strategic partnerships, closer ties with schools, and discovery workshops with complementary associations (Mentorat Québec, ACMP, AQCP, and more)
  • International presence and reach: Synergy, chapters in the American Northeast, etc.
  • A better structured, well-orchestrated media presence (print, social, and online) thanks to professional support
  • Tailored approaches and prospecting meetings with corporate leaders in target markets
  • Well attended and received “English Breakfast” events
  • A developing “membership experience” strategy

That’s only part of what ICF Québec is DOING.  I also want to touch on what ICF Québec IS.


On Sunday, March 20, the members of the board of directors received an email at 8:54 p.m. that read as follows:

“Your chapter was 1 of 11 chapters chosen for the 2021 awards by an esteemed panel of evaluators. Your chapter exhibited the qualities of a high-performing chapter in 2021:

  • Creates an attractive, credible presence and voice for professional coaching in its local community
  • Advances the Profession of Coaching
  • Ensures infrastructure (through membership engagement)
  • Creates Sustainable Governance
  • Ensures financial viability

Did you know that ICF is present in over 155 countries (140 chapters), with more than 55,000 members, including 800 in Quebec.

I can hardly put into words how proud and excited we were when we came together for the monthly board of directors meeting the next day.

Overheard that day: “It gives even more meaning to what I do,” “It spurs me on,” “This is the result of so much work and commitment,” and “I can’t wait to tell my committee.” We were all looking forward to sharing the news with you.

On May 10, 2019-2021 President Gisèle Aubin will be accepting the award, along with the members of the board of directors. We will be snapping shots at the virtual meeting to share with you all.


ICF Global recognizes us as a chapter that “feeds its ecosystem”. What a wonderful stepping stone for what comes next! Who and what make up this ecosystem? It’s all of you, coaching schools, clients, the community, other French-speaking chapters, ICF Global, and complementary approaches and professions. What are the ecosystem’s ethical principles and shared values?  Collaboration, equity, professionalism, humanity, environmental health... what else? What will the ecosystem look like in 2025?


Getting back to what ICF Québec IS… What lives deep in the heart of ICF Québec? Commitment, care, imagination, unity, vigilance, credibility, and openness are all terms that come to mind while discussing what makes our chapter unique.

A strong community is what sets ICF Québec apart. We have over 40 volunteer members, sitting on various committees, to thank for this distinction.

In June, we will begin to strategize about our vision for the future over the next 3-5 years. We know the method works, as it’s how we successfully aligned our directions, projects, and initiatives in 2018. Our guiding words: CONSOLIDATE, OPEN, and SUSTAIN to forge ahead TOGETHER toward 2025. We see clearly, thanks to your comments, the needs you express, and your vigilance.

Let’s nourish our ecosystem, one initiative and one gesture at a time, always in keeping with what the community needs to thrive for years to come.

Johanne Landry, PCC Coach et formatrice