27 janvier 2022

2022 CONVENTION: The red carpet is taking shapepar Manon Blondin, PCC

From black & white to technicolor
Flipping the script on the future of coaching

The 2022 Convention is set for May 12-13 and will be held entirely online. So, you can be sure that no matter what the future holds, you will get to enjoy the event, which is coming together nicely.

We already know that walking our virtual red carpet will be our opening keynote speaker, author, actor, and director Denis Bouchard. Guided by our theme and his vision, he will lead us to consider interesting perspectives, including

  • The parallel he draws between directing actors and the structure of professional coaching.
  • Tips for building trust with the actors he directs.

Comparisons will undoubtedly emerge to inspire innovation in our practices.

Our closing guest speaker, Étienne Beaulieu, who is Organizational Strategy and Transformation Partner for Humance, will suggest different methods to find practical ways to grow your impact on leaders and their teams, using examples from his own practice. So,

  • How to write impact scenarios for your clients?
  • What happens to your ability to support teams when performance anxiety influences your actions?

He tells is his talk will focus on trust, awareness, action, and anxiety. It’s an intriguing proposition that is bound to be rewarding.

To kick off the year, we have decided to open EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION STARTING ON FEBRUARY 7, up to and including March 4.

Coaches from Quebec and everywhere, we’re looking forward to having you join us. Of course, other professionals and managers interested in exploring the world of coaching are also welcome.

It will be a unique opportunity to

  • Meet inspiring new people
  • Attend rewarding workshops
  • Acquire practical tools
  • Take part in stimulating discussions that provide food for thought
  • Engage in an active, energetic community

Costs (taxes extra)

ICF Quebec members

  • Until March 4, 2022: $375
  • From March 5, 2022: $475

ICF International members

  • Until March 4, 2022: $475
  • From March 5, 2022: $575


  • Until March 4, 2022: $525
  • From March 5, 2022: $625


Coaching students: $275

To qualify for the student rate, you must be registered in a coaching training program recognized by ICF International (ACTP and ACSTH) at the time of the Convention. Sign up directly by emailing gestion@icfquebec.org

Manon Blondin, PCC MBA, CRHA, PCC