16 décembre 2021

News from the partnership committeepar Concetta Pacifico, PCC

Hello fellow ICF Québec members,

In May 2021 we shared our committee mission and vision, and so where are we after 6 months?  How has our thinking evolved? What have we heard from our existing and potential partners? What have our informal conversations with members in the coaching community revealed? We share here some insights and welcome all your comments and feedback to continue to strengthen and increase the diversity of our partners. Email us at partenariat@icfquebec.com

As a reminder our committee’s  mission is to ‘Develop an extended network of trusted partners, services or activities allowing ICF Quebec members to develop their skills, meet collaborators complementary to coaching and have access to services and tools contributing to their personal well-being and professional needs.” . all aligned with the 3 pillars of ICF Quebec of  COMMUNITY, DEVELOPMENT AND VISIBILITY .

Our Défi  Respiration during the month of September  was an example of how we combined community with our personal well being objective . More than 30 ICF Québec members registered and facilitated by Anne-Marie Denault  from Tripura we had live weekly breath training sessions on intentional breath exercises for resilience, calm, energy and focus. Then with the supported of an application we practiced daily for 30 days to accumulate over 4500 minutes of structured breathing. Most of us experienced the benefits of proper breathing for our personal vitality. Stay tuned for more opportunities to learn new ways to take care of ourselves.

The many one on one and group meetings with existing and potential partners confirmed the significant interest in better understanding the benefits and process of coaching by a certified coach. . With 2 key partners, namely Mentorat Québec and AQCP it became evident that  we wanted a better understanding of each others offerings - how can we complement each other in service to our clients. This is not to say that amazing success stories of collaboration and joint projects have not occurred in the past. In fact,it’s just the opposite, many  have examples of working with Mentors, and co-development   experts  in service to their clients .Now is the time to share this knowledge with a wider audience.

Excited by the idea of increasing knowledge and creating more conversations among a broader group of like minded people., the working committee was ready to create a year long program to benefit all the member. Being of sound mind ( most of the time!) we  decided to put into practice the small steps approach. We are thrilled to announce that in March of 2022 a panel discussion including 3 partner association and the ACMP Association of Change Management Professionals which is a partner of ICF International  . will be presented .  Members of all 4 associations are invited to attend and discover common goals, learn more about each other and hear some examples of the impact collaboration has had with clients . Stay tuned for details on the amazing list of speakers.  This is the beginning of more intentional collaboration and networking opportunities aligned with our pillars of Development and Visibility .

What is coming up with some of the partners.

Mentorat Québec

  • The Mois de Mentorat will happen in January 2022 and many virtual events are planned.
  • Visit the website and register Mentorat Québec


  • Find literature and research on the benefits of co-creating. As many of us are more involved in team and group coaching it is important to fully appreciate the nuances of each method and bring in the best possible approach to our clients.
  • Website AQCP


  • Is currently hosting the 2021 SUMMIT – with many inspiring leaders in support of our development. Reach out to us or them directly to get some complementary access if you have yet to discover them.
  • Website WBECS

We thank you for your support and we wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season.

Concetta Pacifico, PCC