16 décembre 2021

2022 CONVENTION: Still looking for workshop facilitators – will you be our breakout star?par Manon Blondin, PCC

The convention’s organizing committee is hard at work planning quite the event for you! Your valued contribution would be greatly appreciated. We are still looking for workshop facilitators. Does our theme inspire you?

From black & white to Technicolor

Flipping the script on the future of coaching

We want to drive the plot forward together to prompt coachees to write their own stories. In terms of staging, we would like to explore

  • Ways to revisit how we do things by looking ahead and bringing innovation to our practices.
  • How to deal with stage fright and performance anxiety by allowing ourselves to simply be.
  • How to reward differences and shine a spotlight on diversity.

The call for workshop proposals is still open! If you would like to present a workshop to share with convention attendees, click here and fill out the form. You have until January 5th to submit proposals.

Once again this year, the selection will be a two-stage process. In the first stage, the convention committee will select the most inspiring workshops based on the criteria listed in the call for proposals. The presenters of the preselected workshops will then be invited to meet with a few members of the organizing committee to present a broad outline. Auditions will be held in January and will be confirmed with selected applicants.

The convention’s success is matched only by everyone’s participation in support of the professional development of your coaching colleagues. The committee is already looking forward to the bright new stars of 2022.

We are proud to prepare a memorable and enriching event, year after year. Behind the scenes, you will find

Suzanne Delisle, CPA, CA, ASC and PCC, president of the committee this year. As she says, “My part calls for sustained, diligent involvement. I intend to create great synergy between members and drum up meaningful, and above all enjoyable, participation. I am proud to be part of this wonderful committee and contribute to the convention’s success.”

She can rely on the support of

Manon Blondin, MBA, CHRP, PCC, who puts into words the latest developments regarding the convention and keeps you in the know so you can get the most out of your experience. She is also lending a hand when it comes to committee discussions and the details that make the convention unique: “I am buoyed by the team’s energy. I am proud to add my personal touch for the benefit of the community, who responds in kind.”

Robert Gingras, PCC, CHRP, whom you know mainly for his work with sponsors and exhibitors, but who is an undeniable asset to every facet of the convention. He says, “I have always upheld the value of contribution, and being involved in organizing the convention is one of the ways I can support the learning and well-being of others. The joy I sense among convention attendees is unique and shines through, year after year – even online!”

Josée Marcotte, M. Sc., CHRP, PCC, who cares for the workshop facilitators and handles the details that make the difference, such as the “Josée boxes” you enjoyed last year... “I’ve been involved in the convention committee for three years now, and it’s helped me continue my development, meet extraordinary people, and contribute to a fabulous community, with fellowship and fun!”

We also have two rookies!

Catherine Ricard, M.Ed, CHRP, who rightly added, “I’m brand new to the committee. I’m driven by a desire to contribute to our community, which is essential both to the fulfillment of its members and to the development of coaching!“

Rabia Tragha, ACC, CPA-CMA, who will be lending a welcome hand: “I am joining the organizing committee to contribute to the 2022 ICF convention’s success, for the benefit of attendees and the coaching community.”

We also have the unwavering support of our exceptional administrative team.

We wish you happy holidays, to relax and recharge with those you love!

Manon Blondin, PCC MBA, CRHA, PCC