20 mai 2021

2021 CONVENTION: First impression – WOW!par Manon Blondin, PCC

Dear convention attendees, our sincere thanks for participating. Several of you have already shared your appreciation of the new format. You will receive a survey shortly to let us know what you think. Thank you for taking the time to answer. We will be happy to share the results in the June edition of Coach Québec.

What an incredible experience we shared, with such captivating speakers! We want to thank

  • Anne-Laure Nouvion, trainer, certified professional coach, scientific consultant in human behavior, and independent researcher
  • Annie Marcil, coach, Annie Marcil Coaching
  • JoAnne Duquette, MCC, professional coach, Amalgame Coaching
  • Julie Gouin, ACC, executive coach and founder of Impact Crescendo, who gave an integrative talk on the development of the coaching profession
  • Lyne Leblanc, PCC, coach and trainer, Diligence, services coaching
  • Nicolò Francesco Bernardi, ACC, professional and personal coach
  • Patrick Doyon, PCC, Executive and Leadership Coach & Practice Lead, CRINQ Leadership & Concordia (JMSB)
  • Sandrine JeanJean, ACC, coach
  • Sophie Gélinas, PCC, coach Cognibox
  • Sophie Legendre, ACC, president, Sophie Legendre Solution
  • Vicky Mercier, revealer of potential, Équipes en jeux

As a reminder, everyone who joined the live stream of the conference and confirmed their presence will receive their CCE certificates by the end of May.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in any capacity in the convention.

A special nod to our favorite facilitator, Philippe Lacroix, for his professional, knowing performance as emcee. “What really makes the ICF Convention magical (even in a virtual format!) is the coaches, their propensity for communication, and their talent for sharing their passions. It just feels so good! I’m inspired by their people skills, and I learn so much just by watching them or reading them. I’ve come out of this convention feeling like I’ve grown, with a lot of things to think about!”

And what about our graphics facilitator who brilliantly illustrated the last three years of our convention? Thanks to Mylène Choquette, who noted that “feeling the energy of the people at a virtual event – I didn’t think it was possible before this ICF convention!”

We also want to shine the spotlight on Anne Villeneuve, our liaison with Groupe Association plus, for her continued support, responsiveness, patience, and efficiency.

Melodious thanks to the Izanto string quartet for filling moments of silence throughout the convention. Having a quartet during the pandemic was simply epic. Their kindness, perseverance, and ingenuity were to thank for lovely moments of harmony. They even developed the music programming around our theme. Thank you for your invaluable work and creativity. Don’t forget that you can continue to listen to them until May 31st. https://icfquebec.illuxi.com/event/congres-icf-quebec-2021-jour-2 , Click on Videos et Documents -Quatuor à cordes

Of course, we must give a huge shout out and thanks to our exhibitors who braved the virtual experience:

  • Management coaching
  • Edgenda
  • Ho’o Wow / points of you
  • HUBU
  • ICF Québec
  • AEC disc
  • La Transformance
  • Solutions Trima
  • SwissNova
  • Totem
  • Wasabi Coaching

Some were even generous enough to draw prizes. Congratulations to the winners!

  • Edgenda Mosaik gave Nathalie Bouillon a $2,000 gift certificate for coaching training (including mentoring/supervision), valid until the end of the year.
  • Josée Gélinas awarded Jacinthe Ayotte with certification training using the AEC disc method, valued at $2,850.
  • HUBU provided Johanne Aubut with access to the TeamTalk certification taking place on June 4th, a value of $599.
  • La Transformance will support Alexandra Vincelli through its Coach-Leader-Entrepreneur program, valued at $1,200.
  • Wasabi Coaching presented Geneviève Chabot with the opportunity to experience her choice of workshops between
  • “Horses as catalysts of coach leadership development”
  • “Horses as accelerators of coach upskilling”

ICF Québec also generously gave two of its members, Carole Doucet and Corinne Markey, $100 certificates applicable to 2022 Convention registration fees.

Luluweb gave ICF Québec member Jacques Deforges, who attended both days of the convention and was present when the draw took place, the opportunity to vacation in one of five Relais & Châteaux resorts.

Lastly, where would we be without the invaluable support of our sponsors:

  • iLLUXI, lead partner for the online transition and the creation of the platform that made the convention possible
  • La Transformance for the kickoff conference and the notepad in the gift box
  • Wasabi Coaching for the Julie Gouin conference on May 13th
  • Josée Gélinas for the Julie Gouin conference on May 14h
  • Cognito Coach, who sponsored the 25th anniversary sparkling wine
  • SwissNova for sponsoring Izanto string quartet

A lively convention, born of ingenuity and filled with surprises to properly celebrate twenty-five years of ICF. We hope you enjoyed the event and want to thank you once again for your active virtual participation.

Manon Blondin, PCC MBA, CRHA, PCC