19 mars 2020

2020 ICF Québec Convention: The power of paradoxpar Johanne Landry, PCC

Here it is! We’ve got the theme for the 2020 ICF Quebec Conference

2020 ICF Conference: October 22-23, Hotel Le Mortagne, Boucherville


After 25 years of exploration, skills development, and discovery, the community of certified professional coaches is more vibrant than ever!

Coaching itself presents several paradoxes that are crucial to its success.

  • Still young yet mature
  • Both humble and powerful
  • Anchored yet flexible

Together, let’s celebrate what sets us apart and what makes coaching a must for personal and collective development.

25 years – that represents a quarter of a century, prime years of adult life, and the silver wedding anniversary. “Silver is a precious metal that is widely valued, particularly in jewelry and tableware. The light-gray metal is known for its brilliance. It symbolizes purity and transparency. The relationship is thus seen as pure, sincere, and lasting.” (translated from an excerpt from Marie-Claire magazine in France.)

Are we, as certified coaches, precious and valued? Are the relations we build not based on “purity”, sincerity, and transparency?

After 25 years of diligent guidance of the practice, several features help set us apart: our code of ethics, our certification process, the clearly identified competencies we continuously seek to develop, and our obligations in terms of supervision. Rolled out over the last few months, ICF Quebec’s latest marketing campaign will certainly give us greater exposure and a chance to shine. Every one of us is an ambassador of this distinctive brand.


We put out the call for workshop proposals on March 9th. If you would like to present a workshop to share with Conference attendees and fill out the form.

Let the 2020 theme guide your inspiration, along with our contribution to our clients’ development – achievementitis, leaderfrenia, retentiobiotics, and managementamin.

New this year 

This year, the selection will be a three-stage process. In the first stage, the Conference Committee will select the most relevant and inspiring workshops based on the criteria listed in the call for proposals. The presenters of the pre-selected workshops will then be invited to meet with a few organizing committee members to present a broad outline of their talk. The final selection will be confirmed to presenters on the week of May 18th.

The full program will be published in late May.

The early registration period extends from June 1st to July 7th inclusively.

See you October 22-23, 2020, at Hotel Le Mortagne in Boucherville.

And lastly, save the date for the 2021 ICF Quebec Conference, which will be held on October 21-22.
Johanne Landry, PCC Coach et formatrice