Coaching supervision
23 mai 2019

Coaching supervisionpar Damian Goldvarg, MCC

Coaching supervision, or as we prefer to describe it, “super-vision”, can provide a reflective space for coach practitioners to reflect and learn from their own practice. It offers the opportunity to explore issues, think through dilemmas, manage emotions and personal barriers, and engage in meta-learning, drawing from individual cases.

The development of coaching super-vision however, has been diverse. In some continents, such as Europe and specifically in countries like the UK, France, and Germany, super-vision is well understood as a coach developmental tool, widely practiced and well respected. In other parts of the world, such as the Americas and Asia, there are lower levels of engagement and understanding.

In my experience with colleagues in the US and Latin America, there is general ignorance about coaching super-vision and how it works. As a result, many coaches do not engage in super-vision, or they believe super-vision is unnecessary. Coaching super-vision is often misinterpreted as a “quality evaluative practice”, a “management role”, or an “overseeing” of tasks, rather than as a collaborative developmental opportunity, which offers value to all coaches, from novices to the most experienced.

Super-vision offers the possibility of having a “vision” from a distance, accessing different views as a result of that distance and in effect providing space for an overview or helicopter perspective of the work taking place in the coaching dyad.

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Damian Goldvarg, MCC