17 mai 2018

Membership committeepar ICF Québec


 A new project is taking flight. Recently we turned to the membership, seeking volunteers to work with us in defining the true value added of our membership. In fact, before going forward with our action plan for 2019, we felt it was important to connect once again with our members and ensure we were working on those issues which would allow us to meet their expectations.

 ICF Quebec, as any organization at the service of its members, finds itself amid an ever-evolving environment.  Everything is in motion.  Factors such as technology, the diversity of our membership and the progression of coaching as a professional entity force us to be ever closer to our members. In fact, we believe that our members’ needs may change as rapidly as the environment we are in.  Consequently, for us at ICF Quebec, listening to our members is the cornerstone of our strategy going forward.

We are pleased to report that a good number of you responded favorably to our call to action.  Consequently, 3 workshops will take place: 1 in Quebec City, 1 in the greater Montreal area and 1 to regroup the Northshore and West Island members.  Those who volunteered for the workshops will receive an invitation in the next few days.  The location for the workshops is aligned as much as possible with the geography of those who replied favorably. 

Lyne Leblanc, president of ICF Quebec and myself will facilitate the workshops. The information collected will then be scrutinized to find the main elements identified as needs and expectations on the part of our members.  Finally, we will turn once again to the entire membership with that new information to seek their perspectives.  We will then be able to consolidate the information and extract the truly significant elements making the membership a valuable one.

This project will stretch over several months.  We are vey hopeful that it will allow us in the end to create a community where all members can recognize themselves and appreciate the value their membership brings.

Of course, we will keep you posted of its progress so stay tuned!

ICF Québec Chapitre d'International Coach Federation