19 avril 2018

ICF Québec Coaches Dinnerpar Edward Rudick

ICF Québec Coaches Dinner Exchange

Yvon Lachapelle moderated an eye-opening evening about the growing opportunities in group coaching.  Many organizations are viewing group coaching as a cost effective means of offering the benefits of coaching to their employees. In addition, attendees were encouraged to think about targeted interest groups as a logical prospects for group coaching. For example, if one was to create a theme that would interest women entrepreneurs, perhaps around work-life balance, a diverse group of women could come together for a common enriching experience. Michael Cullen, who has worked in group coaching as well as team coaching, expressed what group coaching is in an interesting metaphor for group coaching - Imagine the pictures of the Queen’s jubilee with all the various kinds of boats floating on the River Thames, from canoes to yachts to sail boats to paddle boats - all different and yet all having a nautical experience together!

Edward Rudick ACC