31 octobre 2022

Directions for 2022-2023par Johanne Landry, PCC

Our Annual General Assembly was held online on October 20. As every year, we looked back at everything our various committees (11) have accomplished and looked forward with directions for the coming year.

To begin, we can report that our ICF Québec chapter is growing:

  • Our membership has grown by 8%, for a total of 415, while the number of certified coaches has risen by 10%, for a total of 282.
  • Our retention rate is around 92%.
  • There are no vacancies on the Board of Directors this year, with everyone renewing their term.
  • Over 50 volunteers are doing their part to advance a variety of community projects.
  • The number of development activities we offered has remained stable, and attendance is on the rise, with 726 certificates of participation issued.
  • Jack Marketing’s campaign reached over 270,000 people and drew 400 to our tendering tool, leading to 104 calls for proposals for certified coaches.

These few indicators speak for themselves. There are many more: check out the AGA presentation on our website for the full review of committee activity and their alignments for 2022-2023. I want to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work our committees do on an ongoing basis.

We can also confirm just how effective our strategic planning process has shown itself to be. Three years ago, we identified the three pillars of our mission: COMMUNITY, DEVELOPMENT, AND REACH. We remain focused on our goals of promoting certified coaching and, by the same token, the profession of each and every one of our members. More and more companies recognize the value of certified coaching, making it a requirement in their employee development programs. I am referring specifically to ICF certification, of course.

Last spring, during the strategic planning sessions, our discussions led us to identify four priorities for coming years, given the development of our profession and its environment, along with the questions, comments, and suggestions we collected through various surveys and conversations. ICF global conducted a similar exercise concurrently. When we reviewed the results of their initiative, we were proud to discover that we were aligned with the general directions they defined as DEVELOP, INFLUENCE, CONNECT, AND LEAD.

Our priorities for 2022-2024 are as follows:

Assert our tendering tool as a source of contracts for our certified coach members

Make continuous improvements based on a defined process and conduct a feedback survey to better understand people’s experience with the tool and learn more about the coaching experience.

Foster diversity and inclusion

Understand what that really means and what it involves for organizations such as ICF Québec; learn and take action together.

Deepen our understanding of our ecosystem and develop partnerships

Develop an in-depth understanding of everyone in our ecosystem and the promising partnerships for our community and its development, including coaching schools, complementary professional associations, ICF global, etc.

Develop the membership experience – onboarding and certification

Provide support to new members on arrival, so they can discover what ICF Québec has to offer and the opportunities membership affords them. How can we support our members in the certification process in collaboration with partner schools?

In November, the board of directors will update the ongoing action plan by adding elements focusing on these four priorities.

We are in a dynamic, competitive market, where the importance of continuous organizational growth and adaptation are a must to achieve our mission for our members.

Consider joining us if you feel called to contribute to the growth of our community and profession in its ecosystem: our committees and regional communities would be happy to have you.

In closing, we can say that our chapter has maintained high engagement levels among members, volunteers, and partners, despite the upheaval created by the pandemic since 2020. Despite these disruptions, we are staying on course to develop our community by offering a membership experience that helps members upskill and acquire new tools for their practice, in accordance with ethical and code of conduct concerns, for a rewarding, inspiring experience. We believe that our ongoing commitment to promoting certified coaching helps grow awareness of our profession and the reach of all our members.

We thank you for your trust and continue to pursue our mission through passion, kindness, and persistence.

It is a privilege for me to be part of such a talented, professional, and dedicated team.

Johanne Landry, PCC Coach et formatrice