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Influence Style Indicator (ISI™) Certification Program

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The Influence Style Indicator™ (ISI™) is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others. The assessment addresses one’s preferred, secondary, and underutilized influencing styles.

A key behaviour of effective leaders is the capacity to influence those around them towards acceptance of beneficial outcomes. Influence inherently means that the individual is able to impact the ideas, opinions and actions of others.

The certification process is simple and time-effective. In total, approximately 3.5 hours are required to complete your e-learning curriculum. Certification gives you access to:

• Downloadable facilitator guide,
• Downloadable PowerPoints,
• Online webinars,
• Online assessment center tutorials,
• Coaching/training virtual call with a ISI™ Master Trainer, and
• Access to your online ISI™ assessment portal.

Application of the Influence Style Indicator® includes:

• Leadership Development
• Team Effectiveness
• Conflict Management
• Change Management
• Individual or Group Professional Coaching

Get a Free Preview of the Influence Style Indicator (ISI™) Certification Program: https://institute.alievo.com/courses/free-preview-isi-certification-process

1 CCE (Core Competencies)
2,5 CCE (Resource Development)

Cost :
Member ICF - $ 1075 To learn more about our ICF member discounts: https://alievo.com/discounts-for-icf-members/?lang=en
No-member - $1075 (GST & QST included)

Contact Name: Mylène Beauchamp
E-Mail: mylene.beauchamp@alievo.com
Phone: 1 877.495.1757, ext. 102