8 décembre 2017 vendredi | 7-9 am 1 CCE

ICF Coaches Breakfast: Friday, 8 December

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Lieu Via Marcello - 1790 Cote Vertu, St-Laurent H4L 2A6

The New Neuroscience of Emotion

The new “Theory of Constructed Emotion” has turned what we know about emotion on its head. There are no universal emotions, rather emotions vary from culture to culture. They are not triggered, but created. They emerge as a combination of the physical properties of our bodies, a flexible brain that wires itself to whatever environment it develops in, and our culture and upbringing which provide that environment. Emotions emerge from predictions made by the brain to give our sensations meaning. This will have a profound effect on how we coach. My talk will summarize the Theory of Constructed Emotion and look at what it means for our social reality and emotional mastery. If there’s time, we’ll discuss what this new theory means for coaching.


Dr. Irena O’Brien, PhD

Dr. Irena O’Brien, PhD, is a cognitive neuroscientist and has been studying psychology and neuroscience for over 20 years. After working as a chartered accoutrant for fifteen years, she went back to university and obtained her PhD in Psychology from the Université du Québec à Montréal. While there, she conducted Brain Imaging and electrophysiological studies and went on to do a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Language, Mind and Brain at McGill Université. Dr. O’Brien is the founder and director of The Neuroscience School, a neuroscience training and information programme for coaches and health and wellness professionals, where she un-complicates neuroscience and teaches practical evidence-based tools and strategies her students can use in their practice.

December 8, 2017
7 - 9 am

Location : 
Via Marcello
1790 Cote Vertu,
St-Laurent, QC.  H4L 2A6

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* 6 minute walk from Cote Vertu Metro Station

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