14 juin 2024 vendredi | 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM 1 CCE

ICF Québec English Coaches Breakfast

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Creating inclusive coaching experiences 


The seismic shifts of major events such as Covid-19, Black Lives Matter protest, and the Me-Too Movement mean the world will never be the same again. The need to continuously update our knowledge about diversity as well as inclusive and equitable practices is even more crucial. Let’s explore, in an open discussion, practices we can implement in our coaching to offer clients an inclusive coaching experience.


Nathalie Balthazar, PCC

Helping people has always been dear to Nathalie’s heart. That's why she focused her career on human resources and more specifically in talent development. For more than twenty years, she has helped managers and professionals in corporate organizations reach their full potential. With her “action-oriented” approach she is determined to push her clients' limits so they explore themselves and take actions to be successful in their careers. Her mission is to create a community of leaders driven by the desire to have a fulfilling career. Outside of her coaching practice, she loves to travel and devours books on self-development.