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Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ Certification Program

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The Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (HRG™) can be used with individuals, groups, organizations, and in applied settings to facilitate development of the key qualities that are crucial for fostering resilient responses in stressful and changing circumstances.

The HRG™ can assist in better understanding one’s generalized style of functioning that encompasses cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling), and behavioural (acting) qualities that are instrumental for predicting how resilient an individual will be.

The certification process is simple and time effective. Certification gives you access to:
• A personal account on our learning platform to complete your pre-course modules and final exam.
• Downloadable facilitator guide.
• Complete your own Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (HRG™) assessment and receive a personalized report.
• A virtual coaching/training session with Mylène Beauchamp, our HRG™ Master Trainer.
• Downloadable PowerPoint presentations.
• Access to your online HRG™ assessment portal, including webinars and tutorial
• Free e-copy of the book “Hardiness: Making Stress Work for You to Achieve Your Life Goals” by Steven J. Stein (Author), Paul T. Bartone (Author)
• A certificate of completion with information on continuing education credits – 1.75 approved CCE hours.

People’s hardiness levels determine how they react and respond to stressful and unexpected situations. There are three components that make up a person’s hardiness level:
• Challenge: seeing change and new experiences as exciting opportunities to learn and develop.
• Control: belief in one’s ability to control or influence events and outcomes.
• Commitment: a tendency to see the world and day-to-day activities as interesting, meaningful, and having purpose.

Application of the HRG™ includes, among other things:
• Leadership Development
• Team Effectiveness
• Stress Management and Well-Being Development
• Change Management
• Individual and Group Coaching

Number of CCEs:
• Core Competency: 1
• Resource Development: 0.75

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Contact Name: Mylène Beauchamp, HRG® Master Trainer
Visit us: institute.alievo.com
E-Mail: mylene.beauchamp@alievo.com
Phone: 1.877.495.1757, ext. 102