ICF Québec Coaches Breakfast
13 décembre 2019 vendredi | 7 - 9 AM ICF Québec English Activities1 CCE

ICF Québec Coaches Breakfast

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John Molson School of Business 1450 Guy St., Montreal

‘’Activating Your Zone of Excellence (and that of your clients)’’

An Interactive Workshop

Stepping out of our comfort zone has become the mantra to propel us to the level of our ambitions. But let’s keep in mind that risks increase exponentially if, when stepping out of your comfort zone, you also step out of your zone of excellence.

Your zone of excellence is one of the key levers you should rely on to fully develop your potential, hence allowing you to broaden your comfort zone. In fact, it is already there. All you need is to be aware of it to enhance your confidence, and therefore deliver your best performance. With your distinctive talents in the foreground, and neuroscience as the backdrop, you will discover how your zone of excellence, made up of 5 elements, can accompany you in situations that, initially, feel less comfortable, or when you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Carole Doucet, MBA PCC

An executive and business coach for more than a decade, following a career in corporate finance, Carole believes in the power of sharpening strengths. Because leaders are facing many challenges that influence both the day-to-day operations and the future of their organizations, she is passionate about helping high-performance executives, managers and professionals progress faster, with greater impact, confidence and satisfaction. How? By contributing to see more clearly in fully developing their talents and leadership. Carole has also published several business articles, an ebook and co-authored the book Le 6e talent-Rayonnez grâce au meilleur de vous-même.


John Molson School of Business - Concordia University


1450 Guy St., Montreal
14th floor, Room # MB 14.250 (capacity 35 people)
Street Parking is free between 7 and 9 on Guy St and on St-Catherine (you may also prepay the meter for extra time)
The John Molson School of Business building is located right in front of the Guy Metro station (exit East on Guy) or follow the tunnel underground from the Metro

PARKING WARNING: Guide yourselves accordingly by carefully reading all signage.


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