15 octobre 2014

10 questions to a coach – Kay Heatonpar Kay M. Heaton, ACC

Kay Heaton is an internal coach with a love for people and a love for the industry she evolved in most of her career. The transition from Manager to coach stems from her interest in seeing people succeed.  She completed her program at Concordia and joined the ranks of internal coaching, in the manufacturing sector, in 2013.  In answering these questions, she shares with us some of her own outlook on life.  Thank you Kay.

  1. How did you become a Coach?

    I spent 23 years at Air Canada in various senior manager positions.  The development of my team brought me the greatest satisfaction.  As I considered what I would like to learn next in my life, coaching was a natural progression.  So at the age of 50 I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  2. How will you measure your life?

    I measure my life by how I contribute to the lives of the people whom I love and also by those who I serve through coaching.

  3. Where would you like to be two (2) years from now?

    I would like to be where my journey takes me.  I have learned to let go and recognize that I will find my way and be exactly where I am supposed to be.

  4. What is the most inspiring song you know, and why?

    Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler.  This is the song that makes me think and remember my big sister Jean (Dee-Dee) who I lost to cancer and who loved me unconditionally.

  5. Your definition of happiness is...

    In coaching terms seeing people achieve their potential and realize that they can do so much more than they ever believed they could. 

  6. What allows you to be the best coach you can be?

    I have been a coach for 2.5 years so I consider myself a baby coach but what I do have is a thirst to continue learning and growing, my curiosity, my intuition and my authentic intention to do my best for each of my clients.

  7. If you wrote your biography, what would be the title?

    She did everything backwards but it all worked out.

  8. What brought you to where you are in your professional life today?

    After completing my coaching certification at Concordia, I considered starting a private practice however I found it isolating.  When there was a local opportunity for me in the manufacturing sector, I applied and I was fortunate to have been accepted.  

  9. What do you consider being your greatest success in life?

    My three boys who have turned out to be loving, caring human beings, not to mention my two adorable grandchildren.

  10. How do you keep your stress level under control?

    Stress management has been a repetitive theme in my life and one that continues to be a challenge for me.  This week I went on a meditation weekend and plan to take up yoga which I have failed in the past to both master and enjoy.  I have a self-limiting belief that I plan to dispose of by taking private lessons to introduce myself gently to yoga.

Kay M. Heaton, ACC Professional Coach