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Bâtir le succès et bonheur dans votre carrière, vos relations, et vous-même. Mon approche à évoluer ces dix dernières années au cours de coaching, soutenues par plus de 20+ ans d’expérience dans les affaires et l’expression créative.


Coaching personnel/de vie, Transition de carrière


Contribution Coach Québec

15 octobre 2011

Old Dogs – New Tricks

Learning is often understood as synonymous with cognitive mastery [...]

15 septembre 2011

Some Openings on Closure

I can imagine my life as a corridor lined with doors on either side. [...]

19 avril 2018

The Everyday Mindfulness Model

Robert McFadden presented an innovative lecture and workshop at the last Coaches Breakfast where he discussed shifting from BEING to DOING and focusing one’s attention for constructive change on how we are becoming through presence and mindfulness! [...]

15 février 2012

The I in Awareness

Another step along the path towards putting the I in awareness. [...]