22 mars 2018

ICF Québec Coaches Breakfastpar ICF Québec

At the last ICF Québec Coaches Breakfast, February 9th, Jacqueline Codsi PCC, a former ICF Québec Board Member, responsible for the Comité de Déontologie, spoke about ICF’s Code of Ethics and explained why a code of ethics was developed in the first place and why it is needed.

Jacqueline also provided the participants with three very different scenarios, which asked specific questions in order to stimulate our thinking about the Code.  It was fascinating to see how each scenario became a basis for lively discussion and the differing perspectives brought out by attendees.

The goal was to refresh our collective memories and for us to develop a sensitivity and professional outlook about the Code, in order to help us guide our actions and behaviours as professional coaches.

Something that became clear is that not every situation is black and white and we must therefore think carefully about whether or not what we say or do could violate the spirit and intention of the Code.

What is also notable is that many companies and individuals are looking to hire coaches who are certified and adhere to a specific code of ethics in their practice - another reason to be a member of ICF and why ICF requires 3 CCEs on Ethics, when we recertify.

There were many ‘’aha’’ looks as various attendees presented their points of view, looking at possible situations, both immediate and down the line.  We all left with a different mindset and will never see the Code as simply a stagnant series of rules, but rather a vibrant and dynamic set of guidelines, designed to help guide us as professionals.

COMING UP:  Coaches Dinner Exchange, March 27, 2018

‘’Should coaches include group coaching as part of their business development plan?’’  Moderator: Yvon Lachapelle, PCC

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ICF Québec Coaches Breakfast, May13, 2018
‘’Working with Resistance Patterns’’ Presenter: Kay Heaton, ACC

Kay Heaton explores the subject of resistance in both its direct and indirect forms. During an inter-active presentation Kay will offer a valuable tool to help clients and coaches discover and work through resistance, which directly impacts both their individual and team performance.              

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