English Activities Committee
15 mai 2017

English Activities Committeepar Edward Rudick

For the last few years, the board of directors of the ICF Quebec’s chapter has worked towards being more inclusive of the Anglophone community.  Various efforts have been deployed to that end and more recently a new committee was formed.

The English Activities Committee (EAC), as it is named, recently undertook a strategic planning initiative through a series of meetings, led by Orest Lysymanko, a member of our group. Our goal was to create clarity and direction for future initiatives.

We noted happily that participants in our activities cover a broad range of coaches, focusing on different markets and represented by both Anglophone and Francophone coaches alike, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The extensive networking that occurs both before and particularly after activities is a strong testament to that fact.

 The committee wanted to get more focused as we look ahead at how best to serve the interest of our community through ICF Québec.

Everyone on the committee was totally engaged in the planning process and there was a strong sense of teamwork and openness as we worked through the various elements of strategic planning, which will help us plan activities going forward.

We wanted to share the main part of our work with the community and to invite your suggestions and comments.


Integrate English speaking coaches into the greater ICF Quebec coaching community.


Promoting ICF certified professional coaching among the coach community through the development of English activities via the EAC.


Build awareness of advantages of ICF certification in the English community.

Promoting ICF Quebec membership.

Encourage participation, networking in the ICF coaching community.

Offer ongoing professional coach exchange and development.


  1. Transparency
  1. Inclusiveness
  1. Engagement
  1. Team work
  1. Professional Excellence

This year, we are focusing on increasing the quality of our main events: Coaching Breakfasts, Coaches Dinner Exchanges, peer to peer coaching

What was implemented:

  • Strong line-up of speakers (many thanks to Pat Snow)
  • Active committee members with outreach and support to other ICF Québec
  • Speaker's guidelines
  • Evaluation form

Call for action:

Again, we invite you to get involved and help us bring innovative and relevant programs to the community. The committee will consider all suggestions. Can you suggest high-level speakers and topics of interest to you, for our future events? Make it your business to  invite other English-speaking coaches from your network to see the increasingly broad attraction to ICF Québec.

EAC Committee                                           

            Ed Rudick, Chair, ACC

            John Cacchione, PCC

            Robin Hornstein, ACC

            Elena Ivanushkina, PCC

            Orest Lysymanko, ACC

Edward Rudick ACC